Bob Tabor is an acclaimed photographer and creative director, whose pieces are displayed in Ralph Lauren shops across 4 continents, prestigious private art collections, and galleries worldwide. His artistic contributions have also earned him a Clio Award, along with extensive press coverage.

Prior to his famed work with horses, Bob Tabor gained recognition producing exquisitely inviting seascapes and dreamscapes. Combining an engaging perspective with a large format presentation, Tabor immerses the viewer in a photographic utopia, highlighting both individual and harmonized beauty.  His knack for capturing dazzling movement and passion-provoking subject matter translates into his stunningly impactful series of equestrian portraits, Horse Whisperings.

Tabor’s profound connection with horses began when photographing the vineyards of Sagaponack.The artist recalls “It was not just their grace and beauty that beckoned; these animals actually spoke to me”. Following the impactful encounter, Tabor vowed to further project their speech through insightful photography. Abandoning the traditionally observational perspective, Tabor distinguishes himself from other equestrian photographers by presenting the majestic creature in an engaging portrait format, creating an interaction as intimate as conversing directly with another human.

Adamant about capturing the horse’s essence, he preserves each interaction with the upmost respect, isolating the most expressive areas to fine tune a focal point and assures that each horse is heard.  Majestically curved necks, sensitive eyes, and melodic body movement all serve as visual tools for communication. Under Tabor’s lens, lush hairs, subtle flecks of color, and finite veins caress sturdy muscles to sculpt each admirable being. Strictly natural lighting seldom neglects these details, and allows the animals to dictate which areas become illuminated, further enhancing the interactive role of these horses in their own portrayal. As a result, each fragile feature is commandingly prominent, just as the horse’s peaceful gentility exudes an unspeakably powerful presence.

His backdrops consist of vast negative spaces that magnify the subjects, creating drama either through drastic color differences, or magnificently bold textural transitions. Its graphic minimalism provides focal direction and a contrasting frame for his renaissance-style portraits.

Each horse’s transparent expression causes the soul to envelop the body, merging emotion and physicality into a single entity. When these sincere creatures interact, they do so with divine interconnectivity.  Such union is evident in images illustrating layers of galloping legs that fade into each other, or the necks of loving partners interlocked in intimacy. Just as we have taught the species into domestication, horses teach us to aspire towards instinctually deep connection and serenity.

Bob Tabor continues to combine his intuitive gift with compassionate motivation in his work with Autism Speaks. The artist donated the proceeds from his book publication of Horse Whisperings to the organization, inspired to do so when a horse encounter, similar to the one that initiated his work, caused an 11-year-old autistic boy to verbalize for the first time.

Tabor’s capacity to recognize the nature of a horse’s soul, and to encapsulate that essence within still imagery is indicative of his incredible intuition and extraordinary artistic ability.

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