100,000 volts of electricity excite the x-ray tube as wavelengths of energy pass through their subjects on their way to the film that lies below. Mannequins are stripped naked, shoes are unlaced and tin toys shed their armor, becoming opened and revealed, showing an inner structure, an inner personality from the inside out.

Arky was one of the first photographers to see the artistry in x-ray images. The discovery of the revealing contours and textures not yet examined by the naked eye unlocked a secret and intimate world that fascinated him. Over the years, he has experimented with the effect of multiple layers, creating beautiful montages and images. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Arky’s x-ray photographs invite the viewer to see each object anew.

Through his photography, David Arky has been able to realize the perfect union of his artistic expression with a passion for science and technology. In his latest series, Arky has experimented with many different palettes, creating a bold and colorful contrast to the otherwise monochromatic x-ray images.

While he has been pursuing his fine art photography, Arky has been working as a commercial photographer in New York City since 1975. His clients have included advertising and corporate clients, such as AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Pentagram, and Wired UK. Arky studied photography at the Art Center College of Design and Rochester Institute of Technology, and now shares his passion with students at the International Center for Photography, where he has taught since 2001.

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