With his works included in the permanent collection at the Norton and the New Britain Museum, Drew Tal’s successful career has been nothing but a soaring ascension into the global art world. Tal lives and works in New York. His striking work combines photography with digital media to render highly stylized and realistic figurative imagery. Growing up in Israel, Tal was exposed from an early age to a world of multiple ethnicities, and just as many religions, cultures and conflicts. Reflecting from his own narrative on those subjects, Tal consistently draws inspiration from his homeland to recreate a personal approach to human portraiture.

Focusing on faces and dramatic close-up portraits, Tal’s composition suggests palpable notes of human contention as well as spiritual transcendence with an underlying uniform beauty. Monks, androgynous characters, religious figures, angels and demons are his singular emblems of portrayal. Drew’s work, much like himself, cannot be confined within a specific category. He is a cross-cultural messenger of non-relative peace and beauty, whose visual messages have rippled and entranced many eyes for years. His poignant universal images will not just come and go as trends, but will live on through the sobering stability of their timelessly relevant messages.


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  1. Julie Beattie
    November 29, 2022

    Please send more info on Drew Tal. Particularly interested in the work with dove.


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