Emilie Arnoux is an artist who lives and works in Normandy, France. In 2007 she opened a small Atelier that she uses as both an art store and studio. Her surf and beach-art lifestyle is inspired by the good vibrations of the American way of life during the 50’s and 60’s. Through her paintings she expresses her passion for light, and the connection between strong lights and dark skies. Captivated by the sea, walks on the beach, and the simplicity of bodies under the sun, she paints summer and the beach lifestyle of her homeland. Along with combining architectural visions of pools, split level homes and Art Deco vibes, her colorful pastel paintings are reminiscent of David Hockney’s paintings.

Emilie describes her artistic processes through these simple words, “Only the water, the light and the heat… Laughter on the beach and the wind… Then, I take my pencils and brushes and I try to capture this energy and the details that touched me.”

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