Hung Yi was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1970.  The artist’s  works are inspired by Taiwanese culture or day-to-day life in Taiwan.  In the 1990s, it was popular among artists in Taiwan to incorporate or adopt new Western methods of expression. However, Hung Yi observed people on the street and expressed them in his work, one after another.

During his early period, he mainly created works in which cartoons and sketches were combined, based on careful and abundant observation. Later, he created line art in a single color or colorful, large works of graphic art, directly expressing the active life of people in the city. In 2000, he began working on public art (sculptures), mainly under the themes of exaggerated human or animals. Since then, even though he uses a somewhat simple method of expression, he has been creating lovely art works inspired by Taiwanese culture or day-to-day life in bright colors that are observed in traditional Taiwanese patterns.

His works are displayed in many locations not only Taiwan, including airports, theater halls, elementary schools and universities but around the world.


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