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Lisa Meek’s sculptures, collectively titled Biblio-Botany, possess a duality that is reflective of the artist herself and her eclectic range of interests. As a practicing medical professional with an inherent artistic drive, Lisa Meek has made impactful contributions to those she interacts with in both office and gallery spaces. The polarity of these worlds conglomerates beautifully, manifesting through her notable success in both fields. Lisa’s pursuit of a dermatological career has always been paralleled with a desire to create, to utilize her artistic prowess in order to share her perspective and initiate important conversations. This desire has been integral to her experience since early adolescence, when she began acting upon her creative drive by depicting nature scenes.

The process in which Lisa assembles her sculptures is quite complex. In order to achieve depth and nuance, Lisa employs considerable intention throughout the planning process. With great admiration and ponder, Lisa cuts pages out of various literary works which highlight topics she wishes to discuss, human rights often being central. Attention to detail is vital; certain books possess qualities unsuitable for paint and shape manipulation. Every aspect of her work is deliberate; the symbolism associated with color and flower species, the pairing of literature, the minute details of shape and object placement. This layered production process exemplifies Lisa’s contemplative nature.

Prior to 2018, the majority of Lisa’s work was created on traditional canvas. Spurring from her exposure to contemporary mediums, she was able to redefine her creative denotations and expand her personal definition of art. In addition to Lisa’s evolution in artistic association, she also pursued sculpture in order to challenge the viewer through form.  Modern life is often synonymous with immediacy due to technological exposure and the virality of information. The constant and rapid influx of information has shortened attentive abilities. Lisa intends to provoke heightened attention through her 3D work, which she believes can be more successful in captivating thought through layered symbolism, as opposed to 2D artwork.

Lisa’s work possesses a duality in purpose; aesthetic pleasure and thematic depth, making her work applicable for those seeking beauty as well as those seeking meaning. This component of her work is paradigmatic of her personal impact. Lisa possesses an attentiveness that can be witnessed through her sculptures as well as her interactions with patients, who speak highly of her genuine care.  Lisa is consistently successful in calling attention to topics she deems significant; ranging from conversations surrounding the concept of marriage, the exploitation of resources, the dangers of medical advancement, the environmental crisis, and topics of poverty, etc.

Universally these conversations are often under-acknowledged, but Lisa recognizes that they deserve prioritization. Comparably, Lisa calls attention to the comfort of her patients, ensuring that they always feel cared for. It can be said that Lisa’s greatest strength is her desire to continue learning, as well as her sensitivity with people; allowing her to make all people she encounters feel valued and seen in their experience.  The artist currently works and lives in Ohio, USA.

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