The series Reciprocal Horizon explores man’s relationship with modern social systems and his struggle to preserve his natural world. This occurs among current socio-political upheaval, mass migration and divisive circumstances. The inversion of sky and ground is a visual constant in the works. The once pristine clouds became stained, harsh landscapes reminiscent of polluted wastelands. In turn the gritty, hyperbolic New York City skyline becomes an out-of-reach, otherworldly sanctuary akin to fabled cities in the clouds. The city is inherently unstable. The imagery, as a whole, manifests the unnerving metaphor often recited in challenging times that the world has turned upside down. Yet at closer look we find defiant, almost exceedingly determined figures marching, escaping and participating in rituals. It is not apparently clear if their actions are noble or sinister. Are they part of the problem or the solution? A pack of wolves that migrates through a barren landscape, may hint at man’s increasingly failing attempts at conservation.

The multi-level technique chosen to create the works is an amalgam of traditional drawing and printmaking techniques finalized in archival inkjets. The interwoven old and new techniques fit well conceptually, with subject-matter that covers many time periods.

She is exploring the possibilities of digital media and printing, while preserving a traditional drawing and printmaking sensibilities. In the process I start with the iconic Manhattan cityscape, creating negative, rotating space, and re-defining this schematic image. Furthermore, I create traditional pencil drawings, which are afterwards scanned, fine- tuned digitally and finally printed with archival inkjet on German etching paper. The ultimate result has the atmospheric and tactile quality of traditional printmaking techniques.

Tatjana Kilibarda is a New York based artist born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. She received a Bachelor and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. She has participated in several exhibitions, including a solo show in Centre for Graphic Art & Visual Research, Belgrade, Serbia, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Robert Blackburn Group Show, New York, the traveling group exhibition Pergament, Serbia, in, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Sarajevo, a solo exhibit at The Consulate General of The Republic of Serbia in New York, etc.


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