In the hands of Yeji Moon, ordinary materials are transformed into beautiful and complex collages that powerfully recall childhood nostalgia and the rapidly changing world. Inspired by her upbringing in a small neighborhood in Korea and her experiences with Habitat for Humanity, she seeks to immortalize disappearing places by creating works of art that connect and preserve memories.

Her three-dimensional compositions are created using newspaper which she skillfully rips, twists, and pastes back together. The fragility of newspaper speaks to her fascination with change and reflects the ease at which people and places are transformed, compounded by the rise of urbanization and new media. Her artistic process drastically redefines her chosen material into solid, enduring structures, mirroring the strength and resilience that is only possible through change.

In her latest works, Moon constructs stunning Disney-esque castles that inspire nostalgia and remind us to embrace our childlike wonderment. In the large-scale piece, Castle 5, she combines the two facets with a remarkably intricate castle positioned above one of her distinctive newspaper neighborhoods. The abstraction of the neighborhood allows for ambiguity in its interpretation, rooting the structures in sentimentality rather than a specified location. On the other hand, works such as Burj Khalifa recall a particular place and add her own spin on existing architectural feats. Moon uses her signature combination of collage and painting to recreate the iconic silhouette of the tallest building in world with bright bursts of color that provide a beautiful contrast against the dark background.

Yeji Moon’s multi-media collages combine painting and sculptural techniques to produce breathtaking cityscapes and fantastical architectural structures. She evokes a profound sense of depth through her desire to preserve memories which is made tangible through her unique medium. Her work connects the past to the present, challenging us to reflect on the everchanging nature of our world.

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